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PASCO Wireless Sensor
Rugged, low cost wireless sensors connect directly to computers, Chromebooks, and mobile devices to allow students to quickly collect data, leaving more time for analyzing and interpreting data.

PASCO Smart Cart Motor
The Smart Cart Motor is a motor-driven wheel that attaches to the Smart Cart to make it go at a constant velocity, forwards or backwards. In PASCO Capstone or SPARKvue, you can control the motor remotely through its wired connection to the Smart Cart by setting the power on a scale of -100 to +100%.

Locktronics Sensing and Timer Kit
Special bundled kits provide introduction to sensing circuits and 555 timer circuits.

RealCare™ Shaken Baby
This baby simulator dramatically depicts the effects to an infant’s brain from just a few seconds of shaking. The simulator and included curriculum help increase awareness of the dangers of Shaken Baby Syndrome as well as child abuse.

Modern Process Control from Matrix
The Modern Process Control system, allows students to investigate the principles of industrial process control, using independent Temperature, Pressure, Flow and Level based systems, digitally.

fischertechnik Training Factory Industry 4.0
Completed, stable training models for Industry 4.0/ IoT in 9V and 24V. Focus on the simulation, demonstration and comprehensible presentation of digital networked applications in a real production environment.


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