LabVolt Series : E-learning and Technology, Electricity and New Energy, Electronics, Fluid Power, HVAC, Industrial Maintenance, Mechatronics, Process Control, Telecommunications.

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Electrical Power Systems, Electrical Machines & Drives, Material Testing, Electrical Installation Laboratory, Electricity & Electronics, Mechatronics & Process Control, Power Distribution Systems.

Computer & Info Systems, Electronics Technology, Electrical & Power, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Automotive & Transportation, CMS & Language Learning, LMS.

Microcontroller Solutions - Science & Physics, Mechanical Engineering training, Technology/Computer Science, Automotive, Robotics-Mechatronics, Electrical Engineering, Basic Engineering, Aviation, Micro CNC, Electrical Machines, Electrical Kits, IoT solution and more.

CAD/CAM & CNC, Plasma System, Laser Systems, 3D Printers, Manual Machines, Plasma System, Laser Systems.

Industry 4.0/ IoT, Training & Simulation   Models, 3D Printer and more.

Welding solutions feature several powerful and cost-effective welding education tools - VR welding simulator, LIVE real welding guidance system, weld defects kit, bend tester, electrical wiring kit.

The TIMS’s modular approach offers instructors unlimited versatility and expandability, as the range of ADVANCED MODULES is constantly being expanded to include the latest in telecommunications.

The Internet of Things (IoT) learning plateform/ builder, Fiber Optics, Laser Sources, Fuel Cell, PCB and more.

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